Experience Cleverstory, an easy-to-use Turtl alternative to build immersive content experiences your audiences will want to fall in love with.

Why Choose Cleverstory over Turtl?


Want to see 
for yourself?

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Say goodbye to 
fussy and rigid 

Seamless integrations that make 
lead capturing a breeze

If you’re using Turtl for lead generation, you will be left wanting for more. Turtl’s integrations with CRMs and MAPs are poor, and leads captured from third-party forms will not be saved on Turtl.

However, with Cleverstory’s tightly-knit integrations 
with all major CRMs and MAPs, lead generation will 
never be a thing of bother

Learning curve, we meet again.

Creating interactive content should not be a frustrating experience.

With Turtl, users have complained about the steep learning curve and “tricky UX that takes time to get used to” and “having to reload the browser when elements stop working”. 

With Cleverstory, creating interactive content experiences is simple and quick, and users find the platform intuitive and easy to get started with.

Cleverstory was built to democratise the tech to allow even non-designers to create interactive experiences and not be held back by tech/design limitations. 

that is linear 
and limited

With Turtl, on-page navigation options are restrictive, and 
forces readers to consume content in a pre-determined 
order — left, right, or down. 

With Cleverstory, navigation options are flexible and allow readers to jump to any section of any of the pages, and 
consume content at their own pace and the way they intend.

Consume your content your way

Making the shift 
from Turtle to 

Worried about migration?

The hassle of switching to a new solution holding you 
back? We’ll do the heavy lifting and make sure your 
migration from Turtl is as smooth as possible.

Don’t let Turtl’s limitations hold you back from creating 
truly engaging and immersive content experiences.


With Cleverstory, not only do you get all of the page-level data, but you also get insights into how content is influencing the pipeline and generating revenue.Identify what’s working with greater precision, and optimise your 
marketing strategy accordingly.

With Turtl you run the risk of missing out on key insights that could help you optimise your marketing efforts and generate more revenue.

Insights. Not Just 

Step aside, vanity metrics!

All roads lead to high-quality leads

Did someone say MQL?

While Turtl allows you to place gating forms within your documents, it is a 
static gating, which means friction for your readers.

Cleverstory’s AI engine does the heavy lifting for you and places the gating form at exactly 
the precise moments based on your readers’ consumption behaviours, allowing you to 
capture leads with high intent. No more chasing dead ends. 

Break away from 
content formats

With Cleverstory, your creativity is your only limit. The editor is free-flowing, allowing you to structure your content the way you prefer while giving you control of each element on your doc.

Turtl takes a one-size-fits-all approach to interactive content.

On Turtl, the editor is rigid (“Surf” and “Immerse” styled pages only), which restricts your ability to create a diverse set of interactive pieces that truly showcase your content. 

No more fixed-template content creation

The World’s Leading Companies Love Cleverstory

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Why Users Love Cleverstory

We're super happy with it as we're able to show much better ROI for our campaigns.

We’re able to get real-time actionable insights on how the content has been performing, and that’s given us a clear understanding to make changes to our strategy

A comprehensive platform for all things content with a very easy UI/UX

After Cleverstory’s implementation, we’ve begun to double down on our important accounts once we discovered what content worked best among our prospects 

A perfect marketing tool with great user experience. Total game changer!

We’re using

Paperflite’s Cleverstory as an ABM tool, using it to send personalized content to target accounts and it is the default tool for any campaign now

Digital Marketing

Executive, IT Services

Marketing Director

Digital Marketing Executive,

User in Computer Software, Mid-Market

Design Manager, 
Textile Industry

Marketing Leader, Banking

However, Cleverstory’s AI engine recommends personalised content journeys and feeds highly relevant content to buyers based on their behavioural patterns and preferences. 

This means A: more facetime for your content and B: your buyers are now more primed to talk to you. 

No more 

Get your prospects to 
binge on your content

With Turtl, all the content you’ve put so much effort into creating will live just as an individual one-off piece, residing somewhere in the ethers of space, only to be forgotten.