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Mediafly’s content experiences are painstaking to
create, and worse, frustrating to navigate and consume.

Making the Shift from Mediafly to Paperflite

Is the hassle of switching to a new solution holding you back? We’ll do the heavy lifting and make sure your migration from Mediafly is as smooth as possible.

Don’t leave revenue on the table because of Mediafly’s limitations.

With Paperflite, create ultra-personalised content experiences, get the best RoI on your content, and make content management hassles a thing of the past. 


The World’s Leading Companies Love Paperflite


Mediafly stands out in the market with its “all-in-one” offering. But take that mask off, and you get a clunky, feature-stuffed platform that your reps don’t like and use. 

If product adoption and ROI is your priority, then Paperflite should be a no-brainer. Read on to learn why.

(Based on 500+ verified customer reviews on G2 )

Why Choose

Over Mediafly

Mediafly’s Engagement 360 vs Paperflite

How you create
content experiences 

In Mediafly, you have to build content experiences from scratch. While this allows for more customizability, it can’t be done without external dependency (Mediafly’s design agency) or spending a ton of time + learning + effort. 
Multiple customers have also complained about Mediafly’s workspace editor being buggy and clunky. 

In contrast, creating a content microsite on Paperflite takes two minutes. Editing? one. With pre-built micro-site layouts - All you have to do is add/remove your content assets, make minor edits, and you’re done in no time!

Build content microsites without spending $$$ or going through exhaustive learning curves.


How prospects
consume your content

Give your prospects an immersive, binge-able content viewing experience.

Mediafly micro-sites are nostalgic. The old-school design elements, off-putting animation, and hard-to-navigate structure will take you back to websites of the 90s. When a prospect clicks on a content asset, it opens in a new tab — creating a consumption dead-end that can potentially short-stop your prospect’s journey.

On the other hand, Paperflite’s content microsites look modern, feel intuitive, and are a breeze for your prospects to navigate through. The best part? Our trademark asset viewer allows your prospects to open, read, and binge-consume your content in one window. (See how it works in the GIF below.)


Mediafly, over time, has acquired and consolidated multiple products into one platform — resulting in a disjointed experience both in terms of UX and data flow.

Product adoption and ROI

Paperflite, in contrast, is a homegrown unified ecosystem that makes for a smooth, seamless end-user experience.

How reps learn and use the platform

Unlike Mediafly, Paperflite feels like an intuitive, everyday app for your reps.

Ease of use is arguably the most important part of a solution, as it makes or breaks the adoption of the platform in your organization. 

Mediafly, having grown to house an enormous amount of features,

feels “bloated and complex to use '' and “the overload of menus

/options make it hard to find something,” as per some customers. 

Most tasks, in general, require 3-4 extra steps on Mediafly.

With a Netflix-esque content hub layout and thoughtful design, Paperflite feels like an intuitive, everyday app that needs no added learning curve. Moreover, our single-task design approach ensures that every task is executed in the fastest, most efficient way possible.


How seamless your experience is

Multiple customers have complained about Mediafly being laggy and slow. While some noted “it takes time to process and upload files,” others remarked about the “content page loading too slowly.” 

Fortunately, at Paperflite, you never have to sit and stare at the loading throbber. With premium back-end technology, you can store, process, and view files of any size at reliably fast speeds. 

(it’s 2023; you shouldn’t have to worry about slow tools anymore.)

An overwhelming number of users have complained about Mediafly’s slow loading speeds.


How quickly you’re up and running

Mediafly is notorious for its long implementation process that can stretch over months and quarters.  

At Paperflite, our team handholds your implementation and ensures that you’re up and running within 2-3 weeks, not months. We have a record implementation of two days! Moreover, you will get complete guidance on the best practices to manage your content, along with lightning-quick support at every step. We going the extra mile for customers.

Get faster ROI with industry-leading implementation and world-class support.

“new reps… able to dive in and learn about our product and clients faster than ever.”

“…Amazing throughout our onboarding. We had multiple video sessions, was always responsive to emails, and has always gone above and beyond.”

My experience has been excellent! The customer service is top quality. I appreciate the level of detailed assistance that they provide. They've executed on everything promised and that trust is a fundamental to a lasting partnership.

High quality technology, rock solid functionality. 

When questions arise, they are answered quickly.

“Amazing customer service.”



Glenda A


Andrew H

Marketing Manager

Paul I

VP Life Sciences.

Ruben S

Sr. Director of Growth Marketing

Mediafly has a deep integration with Salesforce (FYI, so does Paperflite), but it ends there. Mediafly treats integrations with Hubspot and other MAPs as a checklist item, and the integration stops at passing basic content engagement information.

On Paperflite, along with content engagement, you get highly enriched data (page viewed, asset viewed, and asset downloaded) that allows you to create smarter workflows and take hyper-relevant follow-ups.

Paperflite has deeper integrations with key CRMs and marketing automation platforms.

How you integrate and enrich data

Is Mediafly worth the overkill pricing and prohibitive contracts?

A major reason companies look for Mediafly alternatives is its excessive pricing. No one wants to pay for a bundle of features they’re not going to use. Many competitors, including Paperflite, offer better functionality at competitive pricing. We are a high-quality, end-to-end content management solution that isn’t a burden on your pocket and won’t make you “justify the cost to the CFO” at every step. 

Moreover, we believe in our product enough to not bind you into prohibitive contracts. Annual licenses exist and offer a discount, but they are a choice, not an obligation :)

With Paperflite, you get quick implementation, world-class support, and, of course, delightful software — at a significantly better price.


Other Misses
on Mediafly

Your personal
content scavenger
(not just searcher)

Mediafly still relies on traditional “search” to enable your reps with information. Sellers have to search through multiple documents to find a single, comprehensive answer to their prospect’s question.

Paperflite’s SEEK has reimagined how your reps hunt for information. Powered by OpenAI, Seek answers all your content queries, engages in contextual conversations,

Paperflite: Seek.AI

and assimilates information from multiple sources within your libraries. Giving you answers and the assets to back them up - with incredible precision.


Mediafly: Traditional Search.

Pro-active, hyper-contextual conversations.

Paperflite’s Engage brings real-time contextual conversations with buyers into Sales Enablement. Sellers can now take control to initiate conversations with buyers at the right time.

Engage also comes with intuitive prompt cards called Nudge Cards. These cards indicate how recently your prospect has interacted with your content, how active they’ve been, how your content is generating leads, and if you’ve missed responding to any conversation while you were away.


Revenue intelligence based on what buyers (actually) do

Get deal insights and forecasts based on how prospects are engaging with your content.

Mediafly’s revenue intelligence is powered by customer conversations. (Like Gong, Wingman, or Chorus)

Paperflite, on the other hand, has pioneered deal intelligence based on how prospects engage with your content. This takes it one step further because it’s based on what your prospects do, not just say.

What’s better? Suggestive actions to push deals over the line or recover deals that are slipping away are automatically surfaced to you based on extensively analyzed data points from the content engagement patterns.



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