How engagement 
is tracked.

Showpad: Static Analytics

In a world of data abundance, why burden reps with data that is 
stale ( think reports). And that’s exactly what legacy tools like 
Showpad continue to focus on. 

We say it’s time to look ahead, into the future. 

Paperflite’s response: Deal Intelligence

Paperflite’s Deal Intelligence forecasts deal success rates by doing the heavy lifting and breaking data down for you - providing clarity about your deals like never before. 

Suggested actions to push deals over the line or recover deals that are slipping away are automatically surfaced to you based on extensively analysed data points from deal engagement patterns. 


Here are ways in which Paperflite helps you 
that Showpad cannot. 

But Showpad’s limitations don’t end there. 


Total Revenue


Days Remaining

Limitation 3: No binge-worthy 
content experiences.

Great content 
pieces deserve great 
reading experiences. 

On Showpad, you get a PDF viewer from the past. The inflexible, and templated content display makes for mundane and repetitive viewing.

With Paperflite, readers get seamless 
and fluid access to your assets, making it a binge worthy 
experience - like they’re watching a Netflix show. 

Paperflite’s content viewer leverages an Immersive 
view, psychological cues and reading behavior 
patterns to fix readers’ attention on your 
content pieces. Dynamic, custom and personalized 
content viewers for every reader ensures unique 
experiences every time.

Limitation 4: Fussy and rigid integrations

On Showpad, integrating with 3rd 
parties can seem like a daunting task.

Integrating with DAMs and other content sources (like Sharepoint), requires a middleware or a connector, and files get updated to different formats when synced on Showpad.

Support for CRMs and MAPs is limited, and integrating is a lengthy and confusing process that involves installing packages or bringing in IT administrators (such as for Outlook integration)

On Paperflite, we do all the heavy lifting for you and make integrations as smooth as possible. A Plethora of integrations plus one click “activation” means you don’t have to worry about marketing automation or having your CRMs up-to-date.

Plug and Play Sales Enablement into your workflows.

(other than the award-winning customer service, of course!)

Why choose 
Paperflite over 

Paperflite is the holy grail for your sales enablement, and Showpad just isn’t. Nope. That’s not true. 

Both solve similar problems but some better and some differently. 


If you’re using Showpad for Marketing, 
you’ll miss out on essential features that make 
for successful campaigns: 

Limitation 2: Inability to connect content and campaigns


No multi-recipient tracking: 
you don’t get the analytics 
for all the users you’ve shared 
your content links with


No ability to run campaigns 
within the platform natively: 
you’ll need to use 3rd party 
integrations to be able to 
send out mass campaigns


No content-gating: which 
means lead generation 
becomes a hassle

How buyers and sellers interact.

Showpad: Static Comments.

Asynchronous conversations and static commenting are the only ways of collaborating on legacy platforms like Showpad. And remember, our buyer’s attention span has only decreased proportionally. 

Paperflite’s response: Engage.

Paperflite’s Engage brings real-time contextual conversations with buyers into Sales Enablement. Sellers can now take control to initiate conversations with buyers at the right time. Give your sales conversations a new-age uplift by bringing power to the hands of sellers. 


Setting up the platform shouldn’t come in the way of Sales 

Showpad is notorious for the intensive load it places on admins to setup the platform. Users complain about the backend struggles that they go through in getting the platform up and ready such as — bulk uploading, tagging and categorizing content before it is made discoverable on Showpad, for Sales teams. Sales adoption has been cited as a challenge by various users. 

On Paperflite,  users can get started from Day 1, without having to go through tactical setup tasks, so you’re more focused on selling than platform management.

Limitation 1: More time spent setting up, rather than selling

Don’t  take our word for it, hear from our customers :

“new reps… able to dive in and learn about our product and clients faster than ever.”

“…Amazing throughout our onboarding. We had multiple video sessions, was always responsive to emails, and has always gone above and beyond.”

My experience has been excellent! The customer service is top quality. I appreciate the level of detailed assistance that they provide. They've executed on everything promised and that trust is a fundamental to a lasting partnership.

High quality technology, rock solid functionality. 

When questions arise, they are answered quickly.

“Amazing customer service.”



Glenda A


Andrew H

Marketing Manager

Paul I

VP Life Sciences.

Ruben S

Sr. Director of Growth Marketing

Ditch those boring PDFs and PPTs 

With Paperflite, you can create immersive content 
experiences such as Interactive presentations, landing 
pages for your ABM campaigns, resource hubs for your 
websites and content hubs, partner portals, and more. 

All of these come with focused insights that help 
marketers drive campaigns.

Why should Sales 
Enablement have 
all the fun?



Don’t leave revenue on the table because 
of  Showpad’s limitations.

Making the shift 
from Showpad 
to Paperflite

Is the hassle of switching to a new solution holding you 
back? We’ll do the heavy lifting and make sure your 
migration from Showpad is as smooth as possible.

With Paperflite, create ultra-personalised content 
experiences, get the best RoI on your content, and make 
content management hassles a thing of the past. 


here’s what you’ll miss 
out on with Showpad.

How reps find

information they need.

Showpad : Traditional Search.

In traditional platforms like Showpad, content discovery has been programmed to work in arduous flows that include manual uploads, cumbersome organisation, tedious tagging for assets, and then searching for a precise keyword (often failing to get you what you need). 

Paperflite’s response: Seek.AI

Paperflite Seek has reimagined how your reps can find what they need. Powered by OpenAI, Seek answers all your content queries, engages in contextual conversations, and assimilates information from multiple sources within your libraries. 

Giving you answers, and the assets to back them up - 
with incredible precision. 


Amongst the key themes that make your sales enablement initiative successful,