Web-based platform that houses all sales resources necessary to support the company’s sales, marketing, and branding efforts at one place.

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Sales Content Hub Software

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Paperflite is your go to content platform to manage all your sales and marketing content with ease.

With Paperflite you empower your customer facing teams to find the right content, create custom microsite to share content, share via secured channels, and track how prospects engage to help move your sales forward.

Sales Content Hub Platform for GTM Teams

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Paperflite’s sales content management platform brings the best of both – structured content streams and intelligent content recommendations to give your sales reps a personalized content library that is unique to each seller.

Spotlight new content, keep them up to date with freshly added content and let them see what their colleagues find most useful, all in one single view.

Let sellers spend time selling not searching

Bring the Netflix experience to your sellers

Hello Personalized Content Libraries

Paperflite brings the power of Google search and Amazon filters in one to help sellers find the best-fit content without sifting through folders.

With over 30 different indices to scour from titles, tags, categories, in-content through path, Paperflite’s contextual search gets the right combination of AI powered results to allow sales reps to choose content that accurately meets their need.

Goodbye static content repositories.

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Content Curation & Discovery

No more playing peekaboo with your content. Finding your soulmate 
is a task. Finding the right content shouldn’t be. 

Your marketing and sales teams no longer have to spend hours fishing for the right content, because fishing can be reserved just for the weekend, amirite? 

Paperflite’s content curation capabilities and powerful search system ensure your marketing and sales content is well organized and easily discoverable - complete with personalized content recommendations. 

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Holistic Integration Capabilities

Here’s what our customers have to say

I’d recommend Paperflite to those companies that deal with complex buying centres, frequently share similar information like contracts and certificates, and have to make a good impression on prospects

 Markus Holzmueller 
SVP Enterprise Sales at TIS

Searching on Paperflite is like Google searching something and getting the results in the next couple of seconds. And we want to give a similar experience to our sales team so they can find the content they need and use it as they see fit.

Raghunath Vijayaraghavan
Aspire Systems & Synergita

Our sales team were blind once they’d sent a piece of content. We now have granular information about every single piece of content being sent. How the lead is engaging with it, and what pages are most interesting.

Andrew Humphries
Production Manager at Bison

Enterprise-grade security at every step of the way

Paperflite is SOC 2 certified and GDPR compliant

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teams have access to content, anywhere, any time.

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