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Screen size may lower, but your performance shouldn’t.

“Is Ceros responsive? Will my content restack as I scale my browser? The short answer is no.” — don’t take our word for it, we’re just quoting Ceros. 

Mobile Responsive 
out of the box 

Ceros uses Adaptive Design that shrinks content to fit different screens and requires you to manually reconfigure your layouts and elements of your content to ensure a consistent experience across screens. 

Adaptive Design is not very SEO friendly, and Google recommends and rewards sites that use “responsive design”.

Cleverstory’s Responsive Design approach makes sure your interactive content can be auto-optimised for any device — desktop, mobile, or tablet — ensuring the same immersive experience irrespective of the size of the screen. 

Nobody likes a slow website

Time and Prospects wait for none

Ceros’s page render speeds will leave your readers waiting. Content load time for Ceros pages is over 5s (ideal is <2.5s), and the time taken for the largest element (hero banners, etc) to load on a Ceros page is >4s.

Cleverstory pages are designed and optimized for fast, efficient loading using a combination of optimal coding practices (minimal CSS and Javascript), faster CDNs, and responsive web design practices.

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However, with Ceros you get static gating forms which means you’ll have to manually configure gating form placement for each document. This can mean junk leads getting captured and Sales chasing dead ends.

Cleverstory’s AI engine analyses content consumption patterns of your audience, understands readers’ intent, and gates your content at exactly the right page, allowing you to capture high-quality intent-based leads.

leads through 
smart gating

Prioritise leads that matter

Insights that
steer action. 

With Ceros, you run the risk of missing out on key insights that could help you optimise your marketing — content influence on pipeline, accounts influenced, and revenue impact.

Cleverstory provides you not just with data, but insights into how content influences your sales pipeline and deal velocities.

Move away from just reports and data

Making the shift 
from Ceros
to Cleverstory

Worried about migration?

Is the hassle of switching to a new solution holding you back? We’ll do the heavy lifting and make sure your migration from Ceros is as smooth as possible.

Don't let Ceros' limitations hold you back from creating truly engaging and immersive content experiences.


Your content engagement should increase. Your costs shouldn’t.

Ceros’s “Standard” plan limits your content creation capabilities - with substantial costs, and a “Pro” plan needed to incorporate more users, features, and services.

With Cleverstory, you get a straightforward, predictable pricing structure, and you won’t have to worry about rising costs. You get unlimited documents that you can publish, and no limits on the number of users.

Predictable pricing. No surprises.


Creativity is the only limit on Cleverstory 

Ceros requires extensive design knowledge, and it “takes time to wrap your head around the platform”, and “not a tool you can pick and run with” per some users.

Built for everyone. Not just design experts.

This means relying on Ceros’ in-house design services—taking you twice as long to publish your interactive documents.

With Cleverstory, users have been able to create immersive experiences in no time, without dependence on other teams. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor enables even non-designers to publish in a matter of minutes.

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Why Users Love Cleverstory

We're super happy with it as we're able to show much better ROI for our campaigns.

We’re able to get real-time actionable insights on how the content has been performing, and that’s given us a clear understanding to make changes to our strategy

A comprehensive platform for all things content with a very easy UI/UX

After Cleverstory’s implementation, we’ve begun to double down on our important accounts once we discovered what content worked best among our prospects 

A perfect marketing tool with great user experience. Total game changer!

We’re using

Paperflite’s Cleverstory as an ABM tool, using it to send personalized content to target accounts and it is the default tool for any campaign now

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